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Registration – NextBigTech Asia 2019

Ir Dr Karl Ng, Director, Data Economy, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia

Selva Nagappan, Managing Director, NextBigTech Asia

Surina Shukri, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysia

Opening Ceremony of Big Data Week 2019 by VIP
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There is a war for AI talent.
Thousands of AI professionals are available but millions more are needed to upkeep the AI growth. In this session, we will discuss how democratization of AI will allow smaller firms to deploy some of the same AI capabilities that have heretofore been limited to large corporations.

Sally Eaves, Official Member, Forbes Technology Council, UK

There will be 30 billion IoT devices and the global AI market is expected to be worth approximately USD17 billion in 2020. The growth of both IoT and Artificial Intelligence will impact the majority of the transactions, behaviours, and structures. In this session, we will explore how AI is the catalyst to unlock the power of IoT.

  • Explore AI to provide recommendations, insights, predictions, and solution.
  • AI enables real-time processing and response when connected with IoT devices to help businesses to collect insights.

Vijay Gandapodi, Global IT head for data science & AI, The Coca-Cola Company, US

  • Gain insight of 5G as an enabler for AI edge processing.
  • Faster, smarter connection to process more data.
  • Harnessing the power of AI with 5G to increase productivity.

Dr. Keeratpal Singh, Chief Data Scientist, Axiata

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  • Creation and implementation of National AI Program.
  • Extensive investment in research and skill development in AI, Big Data Intelligence, Robotics, etc.

Listen to the government transformation expert on their journey of AI inclusion for all citizen.

Dr. Avik Sarkar, Former Head – Data Analytics Cell @ NITI Aayog, Government of India

  • Understand how AI enabled ChatBot can reduce backlog while improving efficiency in customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • ChatBots need to be evaluated regularly based on the capability of retrieving relevant information to ensure optimisation.
  • Learn how ChatBots are collecting and analysing data on the fly while chatting.
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Data-driven decision-making can be costly or dangerous when something that appears to be true is not actually true. How can we address data bias? Can AI create unbiased result when there is fault in the input data?

Will robots take over the world? Will we achieve humanity or will AI destroy the world? How many sectors will be dominated by AI? Find out your answers in this session.

Registration – NextBigTech Asia 2019
  • Explore how AI detect microscopic defects.
  • Explore data analysing and monitoring systems with the pairing of virtual and physical worlds.
  • Discuss on removing guesswork as the machines report up-to-the-minute basis.
  • The real impact of robotic process and cognitive automation on organisations.
  • How are organisations implementing and scaling automation projects?
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  • Knowing in real-time of each machine’s load level.
  • Achieving best production run by optimising machines.
  • Understand how machine learning analyse bulk data with accuracy and improve the forecasting of demand and supply chain.
  • Explore “multiple-command recognition”.
  • Makes proactive suggestions and offers remote control of both your car and your home.
  • Discuss how vehicles develops into co-pilot mode, keeping an eye both outside and inside the vehicle.
  • Dedicated wearables can detect in real-time and send alerts.
  • Subtly monitor worker’s – drowsiness, encouraging workers to take a break.
  • Alert when over-exposure to pollution.
  • Understand how integrating AI in Health and Safety can save lives.
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“Business Insider estimates that global manufacturers will invest $70 billion on IoT solutions in 2020.”

  • Understand how improving accuracy can reduce cost of performance.
  • Creating accurate data sets – pricing, inventory velocity, etc.

Statistics show that small and medium manufacturers are the top targets of today’s cyber-attacks. This session will discuss practical solutions to help manufacturers secure their IT infrastructures, assess their cyber security readiness and implement best-practice approaches to proactively maintain security controls.

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Digitization of the supply chain enables companies to address challenges while remaining expectations in efficiency improvement.

  • Big Data and AI can provide useful contextual data to supply chain management (SCM).
  • Up to $2 billion in economic value will be provided by implementing AI.
Registration – NextBigTech Asia 2019
  • Recognising the applications of AI in government.
  • Predicting and listing the factors delaying the progress of AI technologies.
  • Discuss the best model to drive the AI implementation.
  • Using AI for real-time capture and verification of the citizens’ digital identity.
  • Find out how biometrics helps to build trust in the digital identity to increase security.
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  • Understand how to implement a strategy to centralise all data.
  • Making sure the technology infrastructure can be supported.
  • Keeping an eye on the privacy and cybersecurity issues through encryption.

Nicholas Car, Data Systems Architect, SURROUND Australia Pty Ltd.

Enthusiasts believe in deeply-integrated artificial intelligence to help to improve lives while sceptics believe that AI will go rogue, turn on humanity, and take over the world as portray by Hollywood. Find out who is right in this session.

Avik Sarkar, former Head – Data Analytics Cell @ NITI Aayog, Government of India.

  • Dive into adaptation of AI for Auditing and Inspection Efficiency.
  • Detection of Irregular financial activities.
  • Eliminate tax evasion and no more double taxation.
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  • Intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use digital services.
  • Greater confidence in data as digital services infrastructure continues to be fortified.
  • Digital services built for citizen’s needs.

Listen to GovTech Singapore Rep who advocates innovative technology that shape the way business is done in the government.

Discuss on using technology as a solution for city’s traffic and congestion problems.

  • Create algorithms to enhance accuracy of pick-up points.
  • Analysing driver’s behaviours in order to improve safety of customers.
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  • Mine public opinion with AI by analysing online public opinion.
  • Combining AI and human understanding provides the ability to process huge data sets and gain accurate understanding of public sentiment.
  • Governments make decisions and measure the impact of it by utilizing the text analysis powers of artificial intelligence.
Registration - NextBigTech Asia 2019

Learn how DDDM help businesses in making decisions that are backed up by hard data rather than making decisions that are intuitive or based on observation alone.

  • The next wave of customer experiences: smart shelves and AI enabled cameras, RFID and what technologies are enabling them.
  • Explore how “Boomers”, “Gen X” and “Millennials” view on the personalization relationship.
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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has moved into the mainstream, with apparel, beauty, home decor and furniture brands emerging as the earliest adopters of the technology. Learn how leading companies are utilizing AR/VR for seamless customer experience.

Brands are now predicting customers’ wants and needs while seamlessly integrating into their everyday lives. Consumer expectations and preferences vary greatly by demographic, geography, and career field. Learn how innovation in technology can enhance post purchase relationship while maintaining customer loyalty.

Drones, autonomous vehicles, smart door locks and more are transforming how, when and where shoppers receive their orders. This session will highlight the latest innovations, the last mile of delivery while ensuring positive customer experience.

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  • Understand how computers see and recognize objects like humans do.
  • The ability to match a photo uploaded by a user to its database of items.
  • Improving categorization and classification with deep images features.

With more consumers opting to pay digitally rather than cash, retailers are moving into the option of contactless payment – with Amazon going so far as to remove in-person and cash payments altogether. This session will discuss how payment has evolved consumer behaviour and what the upcoming trends are.

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Biggest sales day is no longer Black Friday but 11:11 Single’s Day, made popular by Alibaba. This session will provide some best practices and experiences about how to prepare this crucial time of the year.

Patrick Steinbrenner, Managing Director – APAC, Insider


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