Next Big Tech Asia - Anchor Conference for Big Data Week Malaysia

About Techjam

Welcome to our first Big Data Week Tech Jam.

Tech Jam is an event to end Big Data Week in a celebratory environment targeting youths and adults alike. Co-Organized by MDEC and Knowledge Group, Tech Jam will be a family friendly environment for public to get to know about the Big Data environment in Malaysia, education and job opportunities, government initiatives, locally developed technologies and more.

A lot of interesting activities and games have been planned for tech jam including Data Race which is Amazing Race type data competition, drones show by Dronology experts, tech talks, lucky draws, Zumba dance, health and tech discussion, celebrity sessions and more.
The goal of Tech Jam is to show Malaysians that Big Data is not a rocket science but just a data science. As per the vision of our Prime Minister, Tech Jam intent to create a good understanding of big data and its implication on our day to day life of all level of people. Tech Jam is a FREE open event which will take place in APW Bangsar on October 7th and 8th 2017.
Malaysia and Malaysians should embrace Big Data and look into the opportunities that it brings for us and Tech Jam is an effort to support Digital Malaysia. With Malaysian based robotics, drones and other solution providers, speakers and exhibitors coming on board, Tech Jam will be like a Big Data Carnival.
Live bands will be playing your favorite music while food trucks will be serving delicious local menu to add little funky feeling to Tech Jam.
Tech Jam will be the place to spend your weekend in most entertaining way. Mark your calendar, 7th and 8th October, 2017 at APW, Bangsar.


APW Bangsar


7 th and 8 th October 2017


9AM to 9PM


Day 1- October 7th, 2017
Time Activities
8.00 AM Arrival of exhibitors and food trucks
9.00 AM Arrival of visitors
10.00 AM Official Opening
10.30 AM VIP Speech
10.45 AM Rockstars of the 21st century
11.15 AM Music Jam
12.00 Noon Amazing Data Race
2.00 PM Crime Analyzing using Big Data, the CSI Style
3.00 PM Prize giving ceremony for Amazing Data Race
3.30 PM Music Jam
5.00 PM Drone Show
6.00 PM Lucky draw for registered visitors
6.30 PM Music Jam – Unleashed
9.00 PM Closing
Day 2- October 8th, 2017
Time Activities
9.00 AM Arrival of visitors
9.30 AM Zumba with Music
10.30 AM Health and Data a Public talk
12.00 Noon Music Jam
1.00 PM Scoring a goal with N. Thanabalan
2.00 PM Prize giving ceremony for Poster Competition by Perdana University
3.00 PM Music Jam
4.00 PM Lucky draw for registered visitors
4.30 PM Music Jam – Unleashed
6.00 PM Official Closing Ceremony

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