Aizat Rahim

Managing Director, Borong (formerly known as "Dropee")

Aizat Rahim is the Managing Director & Co-founder of Borong (formerly known as Dropee) - the largest B2B marketplace, e-procurement and e-commerce company in Malaysia. Dropee assists retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers to manage their supply chain digitally. Dropee help SME businesses grow by providing access to qualified wholesalers, manufacturers and principals to source affordable quality products at a faster, cheaper, and reliable way Dropee currently serves more than 130,000 retailers, 28000 brands with 2 million SKUs under their platform. Prior to Borong, he was also one of the founding partners of Infinite Ventures, a venture build organisation that was acquired by Kern Technology and founded Jobs4Locum, with another trade sale acquisition by MIMS Pte Ltd and sat as the board member for two years.