Seah Boon Keong

Head of Data Science and Machine Learning, Group Data Science and Analytics, Ambank Group

Seah is a Data Scientist with over 20 years’ experience in technology, Banking, FMCG, telco, industrial predictive maintenance, and research. Seah’s areas of expertise include Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Modeling, Data Warehouse and Solution Architect. In addition to his ability to successfully perform all tasks assigned to him, Seah has extensive experience in building large platforms which have delivered significant business results. He has also successfully developed AI related services on chatgpt like, text extension, summarization of documents, AI Video and Image generation, code generation, speech and other areas leveraging on AI technologies such as OpenAI, Stable Diffusion and others. Recently, Seah won the CX Technology award in Singapore for the APAC region (out of 200 competing companies).