Next Big Tech Asia - An Anchor Event of Big Data Week

NextBigTech Asia is the anchor big data event for the Big Data Week, the global festival of data

Delegates of Next Big Tech Asia will also get full access pass to Smart Cities Asia

Big Data Event: Next Big Tech Asia 2018 - Big Data Week's Anchor Event Stats


Big Data, Analytics and AI seems to be the much spoken about topic in this current business climate. However, this topics are too big to be understood and tackled easily. As such, Next Big Tech Asia is here again in October 2018, gathering experts from various industries to brief and update the Malaysian market on this business topics. The conference will not only be on concepts but also on real-life applications and experience sharing by successful and emerging data driven companies. Next Big Data Asia 2018 is the right event for you to clarify and upskill yourself when it comes to Big Data and AI. This conference is also ready to provide you with the tools to deliver the most effective data-driven strategies. The concurrent sessions provides a more specialised content for SME/Manufacturing, Government and Banking sectors.


With close to 60 exhibitors, join Asia’s most exciting Big Data Event yet! The show will feature a spectrum of solutions for all your big data needs. Entry is free for trade visitors. Register today!

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Our Speakers

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9.00-9.15 Welcome Speech / Keynote Session
9.15-10.00 Data Science at the Command Line
Vladimir Putin believes that whoever leads in Artificial Intelligence will rule the world. It is undoubting that Big Data is the new gold mine, but do we know how to make the most of the abundance data? This session shares the thoughts of an AI leader on how to transform big data onto our benefit.

10.00 –10.20 Opening Ceremony for Big Data Week 2018
10.20 – 11.05 The Face of AI: Will Humanoids Teach Us the True Potential in AI?
Over the years, we have witnessed the abilities of AI in problem solving, business intelligence, and even in saving human life. Will a fully conscious, self-aware humanoid robot, who is far more intelligent that its human creator, benefit us or should we take fears about AI seriously?

11.05- 11.35 Networking Morning Break and Tour to Exhibition Hall
11.35-12.30 Chief Executive’s Note: Get Connected or Get Left Behind – National Workforce Human Capital Development Blueprint (2018-2025)
AI is a big threat to humans, says Alibaba founder, Jack Ma. With the fast evolving digital transformation, there is no doubt that AI will drastically outperform human workforce. This session brings to light the real concern over the disappearance of old jobs and emergence of new jobs

12.30-1.15 The Rise of “Superhuman Workers”
Fundamentally, AI is a tool. What it does best is getting rid of repetitive work and allows us to concentrate in being more productive. How can we make the best of an intelligent machine and improve human performance?

1.15-2.15 Networking Luncheon and Exhibition Hall Tour
Stream Sessions Run Concurrently
SME / Manufacturing

Big Data is a Must
As the benefits of big data are seemingly more apparent, does SMEs invest heavily on AI? This session brings one of the fastest growing service providers to list reasons for SMEs to jump on the bandwagon.


Are we Leaving Our Digital Mark Around the World?
Modern technologies have led to modern crimes. In high security environments, establishing and maintaining trusted digital identities to manage secure access to networks, information and facilities is critical to both the protection of citizen data and national security. A top level government official will address these concerns in this session.


How is Regulation Impacting Innovations
The heated debate on whether over-regulation by central bankers is stifling innovation in the banking industry is a timely one. This session answers the key question – will the easing of regulatory measures in the financial sector benefit consumers?

SME / Manufacturing

Are Brick-and-Mortar Retails dead?
As customers get busier, the future of fashion retails started to move towards big data. How does SMEs keep up to this pace and grow big? This session brings one of the biggest local startup fashion retail, which grew steadily and strengthens their presence by utilizing big data.


Big Data Governance & Public Policy
This session helps to understand the context and impacts of the complex problems associated with big data, related cultural and governance issues and policy frameworks.


Data and Analytics Scoring High in Banking Strategies
Large banks prioritize IT as an enabler of growth and expect an increase in IT staff. This is mainly due to the growing importance and desire to invest in data analytics and IT innovation. This session brings to light the analytics capacity and how it saves banking.

3.45-4.15 Afternoon Refreshment & Exhibition Hall Tour
SME / Manufacturing

Making Sense from Big Data: Big Data is NOT out-of-reach for SMEs
Big data has opened up unimaginable opportunities for SMEs to become more nimble, expand and turn the tables on much larger competitors. This session looks at how a ride hailing technology company manages 5TB data per day, without risking customer’s data privacy, and grew bigger.


Navigating the Affordable Housing Market in Urban Cities
How countries have leveraged on technology and an integrated database in ensuring effective policy-making. This session discusses the importance of reliable housing market database, and the role of Big Data and other technologies in developing affordable housing policy.


Robo-Advisory: Wealth Management
Robo platforms expanding beyond investment advice. The takeover of the robots in the classic field of wealth management is an emerging trend across the industry. Is this the yet missing revolution to meet client expectations in a digitalizing banking environment? This session provides a closer look at the German Robo-Advisory market.

9.00-9.45 Cloud Wars and the AI Army
“The core currency of any business going forward will be the ability to convert their data into AI that drives competitive advantage.” – Satya Nadella.
Experts predict that this year will be all about how the true leaders in the Cloud Wars transcend the boundaries of the cloud and create stunning innovation in digital transformation, customer-centric marketing and the unleashing of AI. This session discusses on cloud strategies for digital transformations.
9.45-10.30 Unlocking the Supercomputers: When Gaming Giant turns into an AI Powerhouse (case study)
This session unlocks real-time case studies of AI potentials, merged with supercomputing powers.
10.30-11.00 Networking Morning Break & Tour to Exhibition Hall
11.00-11.45 Is Your Data Safe? : Lessons from the Big Data Breaches
Poor cybersecurity practices can give way to cybercrimes. The breach of the Atlanta-based credit reporting agency, Equifax is one of the worst data breaches recorded in the history of cybercrimes. The heist involved highly sensitive information of consumer data that included personal details of 143 million customers, their social security numbers, credit card accounts and 11 million US drivers’ licenses. What can we learn from this disaster?
11.45-12.30 Big Insights Gap: Are Insight Centers of Excellence the Remedy for Organizational Misalignments
This session aims to guide organizations through big data transformation projects and help realize standards of process excellence throughout those enterprises.

12.30-1.15 [PANEL DISCUSSION] Will early adopters pull the funding plug on their data lakes?
Data analytics has come up as a strong business strategy. However, can early adopters pull the rabbit out of the hat right away? This session brings together the greatest minds to discuss on the recipe for success and the common mistakes that lead to huge financial and credibility loss.
1.15-2.15 Networking Luncheon and Exhibition Hall Tour
Stream Sessions Run Concurrently
SME / Manufacturing

The Hidden Treasure Trove: Case Study
Big data analytics companies focuses on data integration technology. This session brings such practitioner and their thoughts on improving business performance by converting wide range of structured and unstructured big data into actionable insights.


Big Data, Big Jams
Governments used to rely on traffic surveys that would be a year or more out of date by the time they’re published. Handing big data to governments means transport agencies will now be able to monitor traffic conditions in real time and make decisions based on information that was previously not available. This session looks at Grab and the World Bank pilot-tested OpenTraffic in major cities in the Philippines last year, resulting in some interesting facts and recommendations.


Can Virtual Reality Help Us Better Understand Data?
Can financial institutions tap virtual reality to create an engaging banking experience? This session explores the possibilities of virtual reality in banking.

1.15-2.15 Networking Luncheon and Exhibition Hall Tour
Stream Sessions Run Concurrently
SME / Manufacturing

Public, Private or Hybrid?
Migrating to cloud can be a huge progressive leap for business owners, but have they decided on which type of cloud will win the battle for their data? This session discusses on the type of cloud that fits best for its business strategy.


Will Big Data be the next superhero to save lives?
Journalist Thomas Hargrove wants to save lives. He wondered if he could teach a computer to recognize murders that were part of a series. Turns out, he could.
Deep learning, for instance, learns from data which are otherwise seen as useless. With such ability, can we build intelligent software to identify trends in unsolved murders using data nobody’s bothered with before?


Financial Fraud versus Big Data
Financial fraud methods are becoming more sophisticated and the techniques to combat such attacks also need to evolve. This session explores on novel fraud detection and prevention techniques brought by big data; i.e. behavioral analysis and real-time detection to give fraud fighting techniques a new perspective.

3.45-4.15 Afternoon Refreshement & Exhibition Hall Tour
SME / Manufacturing

Swimming with Big Data: Smart Fish Feeder
This session brings to light the journey of a small entrepreneur who dreamt big on data.


Is Big Data the Solution for Affordable Healthcare?
The healthcare industry has always generated large amounts of data for purposes of patient care, compliance and record-keeping. This session discusses on capturing and analyzing this mass of raw data has the potential to transform healthcare, to enhance the accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare to meet the needs of Malaysians across different stages of their healthcare journey — from diagnosis and treatment, to post-discharge follow-up.


Lessons from Banking Industry Disruptors
Digitization is changing the industry’s dynamics. Cloud computing is lowering the cost of doing business. Improvements in mobile technology are rendering banking anytime, anywhere and accessible over any device. Big data is making it possible for firms to draw major insights into customers’ lives from their transaction and other data. And social media is providing the opportunity to inject a social context into banking services. What are the lessons we can take from these bold moves?

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