Next Big Tech Asia - An Anchor Event of Big Data Week

Next Big Tech Asia is the anchor big data event for the Big Data Week, the global festival of data

Delegates of Next Big Tech Asia will also get full access pass to Smart Cities Asia

Big Data Event: Next Big Tech Asia 2017 - Big Data Week's Anchor Event Overview

Big Data Event: Next Big Tech Asia 2017 - Big Data Week's Anchor Event Stats


It’s no secret that in this day and age we’re faced with an unprecedented influx of data, while everyone is aware of the value of data science and big data, harnessing its value and aligning it with strategic organizational goals still largely remains a challenge for most.

Where most big data event are either too broad to be appreciated by techies or too technical to be useful for decision makers, Next Big Tech Asia aims to be the intersection for that missing link that connects the dots between big data and real-life use cases.

Next Big Tech Asia 2017 is a big data conference happening in Malaysia that will illustrate actionable case-studies for the following sectors; Healthcare, Banking and Government.

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With close to 70 exhibitors, join Asia’s most exciting Big Data Event yet! The show will feature a spectrum of solutions for all your big data needs. Entry is free for trade visitors. Register today!

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Our Speakers

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9.00-9.15 Next Big Tech Asia Joint Welcome Remarks from Organisers –
Ir. Dr. Karl Ng, Director, Data Economy, MDEC, Selva Nagappan, Managing Director, Knowledge Group
9.15-10.00 Lessons From Google Making Data Work For You
• Dealing with the overwhelming data deluge
• The art and science of extracting useful insights
• Case Study
Dr. Saket, Chief Data Scientist Google Premium Services
10.00 –10.20 Keynote for Big Data Week 2017 – Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, CEO, MDEC
10.20 – 11.05 War For Data Science Talent: Full Cycle Talent Management Strategy
• Attract: Getting the right data science talent in a talent scarce market
• Upskill: Organisational Roadmap to filling the gap with existing talent
• Retain: Battling poachers and retaining your talent
Ross Sparkman, Head Strategic Workforce Planning
11.05- 11.35 Networking Morning Break and Tour to Exhibition Hall
11.35-12.30 Why Our Future is ABC
• Impact on Healthcare
• Impact on Government
• Impact on Innovation
Raju Chellam, VP, Fusionex
12.30-1.15 Darkside of Data
• Fallacy of over reliance of data
• Exploring the flaws of mathematical models, self-fulfilling prophecies and feedback loops
• Avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes
Dr. Tuhin Chattopadhyay, Business Analytics Evangelist, India
1.15-2.15 Networking Luncheon and Exhibition Hall Tour
Stream Sessions Run Concurrently


It’s Auto, Mate: Cognitive Robotic Process Automation 

• Eliminating repetitive and mundane task from your operations while achieving cost efficiency

Optimising ROA by using machine learning.

• Examining the use of Robotic Proccess Automation in solving big data’s unstructured last mile

Dato Arif Siddiqui, Advisor, Standard Chartered Bank



Breaking Barriers: Removing Data Silos in Government

• Creating a unified vision

• Political and governance considerations

• Deploying scalable IT architecture and systems

Dr. Reuben Ng, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy



Data Driven Customer Profiling 

· Leveraging Digital Body Language & Big Data to Profile Customers

· Taking action on audience interests to drive conversions

· Letting data demonstrate uplift in results & ROI

Chan Kin Peng, Founding Partner, Kasatria



Open Data: Democratising Access to Data

· Developing a successful open data initiative

· Evaluating and standardising datasets

· Fostering innovation through open Data

Orsola De Marco, Head of Startups, Open Data Institute

3.45-4.15 Networking Tea Break


Debunking The Hype: Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

· Components and application scenarios of Artificial Intelligence

· Ethical concerns and risk implications

· Assessment of applicability and measurement of Success

Dr. Juergen Rahmel ,Research Director Artificial Intelligence, Applied Innovation, HSBC



Modernising Policy Making with Data Science

· Nurturing evidence based policy making

· Applying big data in formulating policy

· Identifying policy gaps

Dr. Ian Oppermann, Chief Data Scientist NSW Government & CEO NSW Data Analytics Centre

9.00-9.45 The Malaysian Talent Landscape
• State Of Play
• Framework for a Data Driven Future
• HRDF’s Role

Muhammad Ghazali Bin Abdul Aziz, Chief Special Purpose Vehicle Officer, HRDF

9.45-10.30 Data Visualisation : A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
• Creating meaningful, approachable and actionable visualization for your data
• Understanding your audience and how they processes visual information
• Exploring the feasibility of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality for visualization

Dr. Bruno Gaglardio, Global Data Analytics Head, iFlix

10.30-11.00 Networking Morning Break & Tour to Exhibition Hall
11.00-11.45 Rise of The AI: Challenges & Opportunities
• Beyond Narrow AI: Will deep learning and machine learning enable General AI in the near future?
• Commercial Applications: From autonomous virtual assistants to chatbots
• Case studies

Mohit Mehrotra, Partner and Strategy Practice, ASEAN, Deloitte

11.45-12.30 Lesson for San Diego’s First Chief Data Officer

Maksim Percherskiy, Chief Data Officer, San Diego

12.30-1.15 From Anecdotes to analysis: Creating a Data Driven Organisation
• Stakeholder Buy-In: Getting the entire organisation on board
• Factors to consider to becoming a data driven organisation
• Learning from other organisation

Dr. Farouk Abdullah, Chief Data Scientist, ADAX

1.15-2.15 Networking Luncheon and Exhibition Hall Tour
2.15-3.00 Harnessing the Primary Data Pool in The Heart Healthcare
• Pulse Check: Analysing the current datasets
• Exploring various raw and unstructured healthcare data
• Tapping into IoT, EMR, Insurance Data, Social Media and various sources

Dr. Md Khadzir, Head, Healthcare Informatics, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

3.00-3.45 A New Hope: Artificial Intelligence, A Star in our War Against Pandemics
• Analysing patterns plethora of data sources
• Predicting the spread of outbreak
• Responding and containing the threat

Dr. Dhesi Baha Raja, Chief Scientist, AIME

3.45-4.15 Networking Luncheon and Exhibition Hall Tour
4.15- 500 Improving Healthcare: How Hospitals Can Harness the Power of Data
• Journey of digitization @ healthcare
• Use Cases for Healthcare Data Analytics
• Data’s impact healthcare and therapeutics

Dr. Dinesh Jain, VP Clinical Data Analytics, Max Healthcare

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